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Several years ago, I wanted to make a career change and someone suggested that I go to school for something that I'm passionate about.  I am very lucky that I was able to attend Teachers' College - Columbia University at night, while I worked at ABC News.  I have a Masters in Science in Applied Physiology and Nutrition and completed a 1000 hour supervised dietetic internship from Columbia.  I successfully attained the Health & Fitness Instructor certification from the American College of Sports Medicine and passed the Registered Dietietian Nutritionist (RDN) exam from the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.  I completed my residency at Rutgers' University Athletics and ABC News' Medical Unit.  I have a Doctorate in Clinical Nutrition from Rutgers - UMDNJ-SHRP.  My research was in worksite wellness (weight loss intervention).  I have been selected as a Fellow of the American College of Sports Medicine.

My interest in health and wellness is truly a passion.  My philosophy about the advice that I give is that services should be Simple, Realistic and Attainable.  My goal is to be part of the solution to the obesity epidemic.  Providing accurate, science-based information to the public through media outlets is my favorite way to reach the masses.  However, I do provide individual and group counseling through evidence-based practice.

I have served in many professional associations as a volunteer and leader.  I have also been involved with many volunteer programs in the community.  I am passionate about helping people feel better!  We have choices when it comes to health and I firmly believe that diet and exercise are the least expensive, least invasive and most effect way to prevent and treat disease.  The obesity epidemic can be won - one person at a time!

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Kimberly Garrison, Philadelphia Daily News, "She looks as if she could be one of the glamorous stars on "Desperate Housewives," but make no mistake about it: Felicia Stoler is a no-nonsense registered dietician and exercise physiologist whose mission is to give American parents a kick-in-the-pants wake-up call on the dangers of childhood obesity.

Jersey girl Stoler is the single mother of two and a petite dynamo who not only talks the talk but obviously walks the walk, too. Having struggled with her weight earlier in her life, Stoler clearly has licked the bad habits - and she has the body of a fitness model to prove it."

Quote from a TLC Viewer on the Honey Blog Site:

"I can't imagine a better host! She is young, energetic, fit, healthy, beautiful and a professional in nutrition & exercise and she is also a Mother. What more can you ask for?  Kudos to TLC for finding her!! A great asset to an already inspiring show!"

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